mercredi 1 mai 2013

Some of the most exciting and well designed children’s pop-up books...

Un intéressant et sympathique compte-rendu du salon de New-York par Kyle Olmon, ingénieur papier (ancien collaborateur de Robert Sabuda) et membre très actif de la Movable Book Society. 

Voici l'extrait nous concernant (Thanks Kyle !) :

...I checked my map of the 150 exhibitors and found Jacques Desse and Thibaut Brunessaux at La boutique du livre anime, which is always my favorite booth.  

They had just sold the original dummy of David A. Carter’s “One Red Dot”, so I was not able to take a peek, but I did get to see the latest creations from the master pop-up artist, UG.  His new book, “Stellations Explosives” was the bomb and I absolutely fell in love with his dynamic “Les Recordmen” artist book that showcased athletes in action.  

I was also able to see a few other clever books from Paris, including a striking colorful(!), tacile book of Eric Carle for blind children.   

Once again, it looks to me that French publishers are putting out some of the most exciting and well designed children’s pop-up and flat books I have seen.  

While I was sharing my insight with Jacques, he showed me some cute unique pop-up cards of houses that was done by a new paper engineer [Mathilde Lemiesle] that has graduated from the same highly regarded design college in Strasbourg that produced the artists of “Popville” and other great books. It seems that this school is really developing some impressive talent and I am curious to learn more about their teaching methods.

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